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Welcome to our Website where you can keep up to date with our wedding plans and where we will try and keep you posted about what we are up to in our lives.

Wedding is Booked

So we have set a date for the big day and everyone is welcome. The big day is Tuesday 27th October!

The wedding will take place at Queens Road Baptist Church at 2pm. You can find more information about the big day on our “The Big Day” page. We understand that with it being a midweek  wedding that it maybe difficult for some people to attend but hopefully through this website no one will miss out.

Latest News

Niels Hannah

Niels Richards

Hannah Forbes

So on Sunday 22nd March 2015 Niels arranged an afternoon out in Stratford. We had been to Niels’ church where everyone apparently knew what was about to happen except me. Niels moaned most of the way that he was going to miss a big football match which apparently was all part of the act.

Once we arrived in Stratford we sat and ate lunch by the river. Niels the suggested we rent a boat and row along the river. Niels rowed all the way down and stopped near a church and waited for the coast to be clear and then popped the question. I said Yes!

We are getting married, Niels finally popped the question one sunny afternoon in Stratford Upon Avon